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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2008|05:29 am]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

[mood |accomplished]

Been a long time since I've posted here.

Vampire Hunter D
Revolutionary Girl Utena

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Hiatus Banner

I told the witch doctor I was in love with youCollapse )
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Intro Music! ~Check on the rep, yeah I'm 2nd to none!~ [Jan. 20th, 2008|02:18 am]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |Bumblebee -DDR]

This community seems just so friendly and fun I decided to properly introduce myself! 

I'm Scribblefish, and some of you orignial Bee fans may stab me for this but I became his fan through the movie. I only watched Armada which only tips a hat to Bumblebee through Optimus's minicon [if I recall correctly...]. However, watching the movie had be bawling over the yellow guy and now he's my absolute fave! [sry, Optimus]

I ran out and bought the 2 disk special addition this weekend and LOVE IT!  

I'd really like to get to know everyone here, and I hope we get along! 

My first order of business now.....icons and keychains *nod nod*
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Screencaps! [Dec. 19th, 2007|04:06 pm]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

He's adorable!

;_; I always hate this part of the movie...Collapse )

How can you resist that face?Collapse )

Hug him! He's cold!Collapse )

Save him!Collapse )

Holding the Allspark.Collapse )
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Well this DOES involve Bumblebee, sooo... [Dec. 18th, 2007|09:55 pm]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

TITLE: Veritas
GENRE: Angst with a touch of Supernatural
UNIVERSE: Movieverse
SUMMARY: He had lost so much that he nearly forgot what he still had.
STATUS: ONE-SHOT (complete)
WARNINGS: SLIGHTLY implied Optimus/Megatron slash; also going to tack on an MPREG since somebody gives birth(AND IT IS EXPLAINED, I promise it's not illogical! Let's just say Matrix of Leadership and Allspark and leave it at that until you read :P)

( Under the fake cut! )

Trust me, 'Bee is in this! ^_^
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My favorite Bumblebee screenshot [Oct. 20th, 2007|01:47 pm]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

I took this myself.

He's peeking!Collapse )
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Transformers DVD [Oct. 16th, 2007|02:04 pm]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

*SQUEES* I GOT THE TRANSFORMERS DVD!!!!!!! It's the Autobot Tin from Suncoast. I woke up at 8am to go to the mall to pick it up cause like 20 people reserved the autobot tin and they only got 10 in so it was first come first serve. You can enter to win a Bumblebee Camaro. w00t!

Autobot TinCollapse )
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Just a self-insertion [Oct. 4th, 2007|09:27 am]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

TITLE: A Visit from Bumblebee
RATING: PG(for language)
GENRE: Angst
UNIVERSE: Well it's Movieverse 'Bee...
SUMMARY: This is something I wrote when I was feeling real down. It's a scenario I imagined two weeks ago and finally decided to write a ficlet. It's basically Bumblebee giving me a pick-me-up at a time when I really needed one.

( Follow the fake cut to see the story. )
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Rumor! [Sep. 23rd, 2007|02:13 am]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

Rumor: Transformers 2 Set for Summer of 2009

I hope this is true!!!! I'm so pumped!

More Bumblebee that actually talks!
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2007|09:23 am]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

Vector Prime & BumblebeeCollapse )

I also went shopping a picked up a few things. :3

The booty!Collapse )
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I'm Being Stalked By Bumblebees!!! [Sep. 13th, 2007|07:17 am]
Bumblebee Lovers UNITE!

[Current Location |Bedroom, in bed.]
[mood |surprisedsurprised]

 So a few days ago I'm on the bus, on my way to the mall, and what pulls up beside us but an older-model, bright yellow Volkswagen Bug, just like the one in the cartoon! We get to the mall, I get off the bus, and there in the parking lot is a yellow camaro. It even had black racing stripes! I go in the mall, come out after a few hours, and the camaro is gone, but that same yellow bug is in the same parking space! And later that night, I go out to take out the trash, and what drives by but a yellow camaro!!! 
I'm being stalked!!!
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